Sunday, January 9, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new...

2010 was soo last year. 2010 was also a year that changed our lives forever, and now we are excited to see what 2011 will bring us. Here are some of our highlights from last year and a glance at some things to come this year.

In 2010...

I started the year off pregnant and just getting over the awful morning sickness part.

my little Jetta failed us for the 5,325th time, so we finally kissed it goodbye and traded it in for my cute little Versa.

we enjoyed a "babymoon" in beautiful California.

Cody was hired on as the Worship Pastor for the new campus plant of our church. Full-time. And full-time seminary student. The man is a saint.

our world was rocked when the cutest little boy came into our world late one Thursday night.

we gave up sleeping for 11 weeks.

I started my new career as a stay at home mom. Not an easy job but so infinitely rewarding.

we traveled to Arizona for the first time with Kyler to celebrate Thanksgiving.

we saw so many of our wonderful friends get married. We also had to miss many of our wonderful friends getting married.

we also had so much fun over Christmas in Houston and hunting in South Texas.

In 2011...

I turn 25 in January. Dun dun dun.

we will spend an amazing week in Hawaii celebrating the wedding of one of my best friends!

we will celebrate our 3rd anniversary shortly after the little mister turns 1.

the "Supper Society" will actually become a reality and bring about many enjoyable evenings centered around food, friends, and fun.

I will try to cross off most of the books on my reading list.

we will try our darndest not to adopt another dog, which means we will have to continue shielding our eyes when those heart-wrenching puppy adoption commercials come on. Gets. us. every. time.

I will be better at blogging. See?

I will leave you with this picture. We call it "Kiss the baby".

Hehe. Look at poor Kyler's expression. This picture better not end up on that awkward family photo website. Wait...maybe I'd be proud.

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