Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Little Update

Aunt Jana has been asking for pictures of her favorite nephew. I think these photos sum up our days as of late.

Kyler experienced his first snow! So of course I took the opportunity (probably the only one) to bundle him up in this ridiculous snow suite that was handed down from our sweet neighbors. The poor little munchkin couldn't bend his arms or legs!

This picture is hilarious! We stopped by the Hobby Lobby 90% off Christmas sale, and Kyler was less than excited to say the least! He's got the typical guy-being-dragged-along-shopping look and pose. Thankfully, it's not just an opposition towards crafts, he did the same disenchanted lounge in the cart at the grocery store yesterday.

Kyler decided to help me with the folding of his cloth diapers. He is officially mobile via rolling. And apparently he can pull over a laundry basket and empty out the contents, spreading them around the room.

No, I did not style my baby's hair in a faux hawk. I pulled off his warm little polar bear hat (seen in top photo), and his hat hair just happens to look awesomely rockstar-ish.

In other news, Kyler has finally started taking real naps! Like, longer than 20 minute naps! He is now napping only twice a day, but usually for about 1-1.5 hours each! Now for most people, this is the norm from the beginning, but not for Kyler! Kyler would never sleep longer than 3o minutes. I feel like a new woman. I actually have my baby on somewhat of a schedule and I actually know when I will be able to get a few things done around the house!


  1. Oh my gosh when did Kyler get long hair!? He is so cute. I miss him and need to see him soon.

  2. He got Cody's super powerful hair growing genes! I'm jealous of this trait, but thankful that it means each time Kyler tries a new crazy hair style in his teen age years, I can rest assured knowing that it will grow back quickly.