Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Decor

All year long I dread decorating for Christmas. I cannot explain this. All I know is I can't stand the sight of Christmas decorations until Thanksgiving. But when Thanksgiving rolls around, I am suddenly, completely ready to fill up my home with Christmas decorations. Strange phenomenon, I know.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas decorating is the Christmas cards. Now, I did learn from HGTV not to overdo the usage of Christmas cards in your home, so I hope Sabrina Soto won't be mad. This is the first thing you see when you walk in and I love it. Of course, I couldn't string all the cards up, so most of them are actually stacked in the little basket along with past year's Christmas cards. As a disclaimer, they were actually hung in the order I received them.

Next, we have the dining room table. This is not the table we eat on, which is why it remains set. As for why the place mats are not ironed...well I have no excuse.

Here is our less-than-impressive Christmas tree. This was the cheapest real tree we could find and I am still working with cheap red and gold ornaments I purchased in college. Next year I have dreams of a pre-lit artificial tree with an actual coherent color scheme and them. Although I do love all the sentimental and homemade ornaments adorning our tree.

Here is the cheapest go-to Christmas flare ever. Bowl o' pine cones.

In the glass bowl I threw in some gold, sparkly pears my mom (queen of all things faux fruit.) I love these little pears and the subtle bling they give to the rustic ball-things. Yes, these are very technical decorating terms.

Finally, the mantle. I love the decorative tree my sister gave me a few years back, and I love that the little white bird suddenly looks Christmas-y up there.

Christmas decorating was a bit of a challenge with our budget this year. Most of this stuff is either old, hand-me-downs, things I had lying around the house that I made look Christmas-y, or thrift store finds. Do you have any Christmas decorating tips??

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