Sunday, August 16, 2009

How a 2 dollar roll of jute changed my life.

Yesterday, I was putting together an itsy-bitsy flower arrangement for next to my bed, and I could not find a small vase that I loved. In Hobby Lobby, my extra bright light bulb went off, and I hunted down some jute string. I ended up wrapping a tiny vase with the jute and it looks so cute.

And then I started looking for anything I could spruce up with a little jute...candles, vases, and a soon-to-come empty wine bottle. I just love adding an extra element of texture to something, especially something natural like jute.

To follow up on my previous post, I did this with some fabric...

I like it, but not sure if I love it. I have to live with things for a few weeks to decide if I want it there or want to change it.


  1. I think they're SO cute. Can't wait to see them in person.