Thursday, August 6, 2009


Do you ever walk into a dressing room, hoping that you will hate the thing you are trying on? Well, I was like the inventor of that feeling today.
Somehow, I stumbled upon the mall and found myself here, which is just never a good thing. It's just so dangerous. As I am trying to walk out empty-handed, I'm actually walking to a dressing room with a dress in hand, hoping that I hate it and it looks awful. Well, it was really cute and I really loved it, and I BOUGHT IT. whoops. There's my problem.

As I was driving home with said dress, I was thinking of all the perfect times I could wear it in the near future...sometime this weekend when I go back to Austin again, next week on the date Cody told me he's taking me on...but then when I got home and put it on again, I wasn't as in love as I thought.
So now I'm contemplating returning it. I just don't know.

ps. I promise to post more pics soon because we bought a new camera battery charger, and this weekend won't disappoint...wait for it...

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  1. hey lady! I enjoyed seeing you a little bit this weekend and doing some blog talk. I've read some of dooce's posts, and you're right, she is absolutely hilarious. another blog I heard about a while ago ( is about this guy whose wife gave birth to their daughter and then like 24 hours later the wife died of an embellism or something really sudden like that. the blog is about him and his daughter and their life since losing his wife. it's kind of sad but cool to see how committed he is to raising their daughter. anyways, just wanted to give you a heads up about that :)