Wednesday, June 24, 2009

feathered friends

Despite the following photo looking like a dark brown blob,
it is actually the little baby birds living in our chimney.

We realized a few weeks ago that there were occasionally birds in our chimney.
Then we deciphered that they had built a nest and not long after,
we heard the first chirps of the little babies.
Cute? No.
Annoying. The chimney amplifies their chirps, and the little babies
must be hitting their terrible twos because they are fussy!
Not to mention, it probably isn't completely healthy or sanitary
to be sharing our dwellings with a bird family.

And although Duma might love her furry friends,

we do not! We are working on peacefully* relocating the noise makers.

*don't worry Kara, no harm will be done to birds

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  1. i love the dog it`s lovely and friendly feeling : )pretty smile