Friday, April 24, 2009


We are going to a beautiful beach in Florida tomorrow!

I haven't been able to share my excitement because it is a big surprise for my mom that the kids are joining her and my dad. She thought it was just going to be them, but we were going to show up at the airport and jump and scream for joy all together....

But today she found out. The airline called the house about checking in 6 tickets, and well...she's a smart lady and she put it together. But I have never heard my mom so excited, so I think it's still a successful surprise.

We leave for the beautiful beach tomorrow morning. We are staying in a cabin with 3 separate rooms. We are so excited about the fun that will be had on Grosse Family Vacation 2009.

We get back late Wednesday night, but don't worry Duma will be in good hands. Julie and Lauren are being so sweet to house-sit and take care of Duma. Of course Dakota will be sleeping over, too....Duma won't even notice we are gone.

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