Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I work in Rockwall, Texas. In Rockwall, Texas it is always raining. Always. It's always cloudy, cold, muggy, and miserable.

Maybe there is just some cloud following me around like in the cartoons, that follows my every move so I can't get out of the rain.

Or maybe it's not the weather at all that's bringing me down. Maybe it's the child that is constantly crying in my ear because she can't find her orange. Or maybe it's the boy that ripped the art cloth off the table because he didn't have his turn to paint yet. Or maybe it's the kid throwing a fit because his ONE worksheet is just "too much work."

No, I'm pretty sure it's the cloud following me around.

Get me on a beach, send for Cody, and leave me there forever please...


  1. so what you're saying is..you love teaching in Rockwall?? is that not right??..

  2. oh yea! I definitely love Rockwall.