Sunday, March 22, 2009

More to Confess.

I watched Twilight again. And I still love it. And I have plans to watch it again with Lauren on Tuesday. If you haven't seen it, at least check out the soundtrack, it's pretty great. And the handsome vampire...he can actually sing. He's actually an amazing singer, check out Rob Pattinson.

I realized why I can add Twilight to my list of embarrassing movies I am obsessed with, the list of movies that I watched countless times when they came out and that I now own. I am a sucker for movies that are extreme love stories. Like, outrageous, absurd, annoying love stories. A few of these embarrassing obsessions that come to mind...

Titanic (own it on tape-awesome)

The Notebook
Music From Another Room

I finished New Moon today. How long will I have to wait in agony for this movie? I blame the Hunnies (you know who you are!)

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