Monday, March 2, 2009

Dear Fireplace,

I love you. You bring warmth to our previously arctic tundra house. You light up the room with your warm glows. Your smell carries through the house, leaving a rustic mountain aroma. You proved me wrong about the appearance of the brick, you make it look good. You even make pretty clouds of smoke puff up from the chimney of our house letting all the passer bys know we are enjoying you. You gather loved ones around you, facilitating good conversation, laughs, and even tears. You can calm the wildest of dogs, melting their hearts, and causing them to forget that they don't actually get along all the time. How do you do it? Fireplace, you even burn through the hours of the night, long after everyone leaves, making sure you keep us warm until Cody and I are fast asleep, waking up to a glorious pile of gray ash to remind us of your loyal flames. I hope you never stop burning, never stop warming. Until another cozy night next to you... I miss you.


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