Sunday, March 8, 2009


We just got back from a lovely weekend in Arizona with the fam. It was delightful and I miss all the kin folk already. I even realized that I actually do love the state of Arizona, and not just because of our family there. An essential fact about me that makes this make sense is that I love summer. It is my favorite time of year. When I am in Arizona, no matter what time of year it is, it feels like summer. The desert, the heat, the palm trees, the wonderful Bougainvillea. It just feels like summer and it makes me happy.

The big question everyone had for us do you like Dallas? Well, do I? I haven't quite decided on a solid answer yet. What I like about Dallas so far isn't really Dallas. It's the home, the friends, the people. I love that this is where Cody and I moved to, this is where we bought our first home. I love that my BFF, Lauren, lives near me. I love that we have really great friends here that care about us and want to share life with us. But the city so far hasn't really sold itself to me yet. I mean, there is a nice green building downtown, but there was a nice green building in downtown Austin, heck, there is a nice green building in every town. Austin had the friends...and Austin had charm. It had a culture, a community, that I haven't seemed to find in Dallas. Sure, there is a beautiful lake down the road that was one of the main selling points on this house, but we have yet to discover the beauty and heart of this big city. I think its going to take time...time for us to stop pouting that we don't live in incredible Austin anymore...time for us to get out and discover this city....time for us to fall in love with Dallas.