Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Birthday Girl

We think tomorrow, or today, or sometime in the surrounding months, is our dog's birthday. We adopted her from a shelter and they told us she was 6 months, but our vet told us she was maybe 9 months, so we did some averaging and estimating and decided her birthday was around this time. Don't tell her though, that could be devastating.

Either way, she will get the birthday princess treatment that she deserves. She's a great dog, near perfect actually. The only thing she doesn't do well is come when called and walk on a leash. Ok, maybe those are pretty big things, but everything else is perfect. I think both of our parents sometimes secretly wish we would accidentally forget her and leave her at their house. She's so much fun and so stinkin loveable.

Here's to you Duma, and all your birthday glory.

If you see her, give her a big old birthday pat and maybe even a scratch on the tum.

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