Sunday, January 11, 2009

Keep Austin Weird

Because Cody and I will be moving in just 3 short weeks (cannot even believe it yet), we are trying to soak up all of the glory that Austin is. We have fallen in love with this town in the 5 years that I have lived here and the 2 years Cody has lived here. It is such a great town! It is funny how God does things, Cody and I had both vowed to never live in Dallas, and now that is where we are packing up and heading to. Although we never thought we would be excited about moving to a city like Dallas, we are keeping an open mind and are just so excited to explore the plans there that God has set out for us.
We are trying to go to all the Austin places that are special to us and enjoy everything the city has to offer before we leave. We are hoping we can move back after Cody's 3 years at DTS but we know that is not up to us. I don't even know how to start listing off the things I will miss about Austin but I am going to try....

friends and family
the closeness of everything
being able to bike downtown
Tiff's Treats
our church and small group friends
The University of Texas!
homeless people dressing in drag
the weirdness in general
Town Lake
the capitol
all the memories of our engagement and wedding
feeling close to most cities in Texas
being 2 hours from my parents and Janeg (Jana +Greg)
the outdoorness of the city
dog friendly places
East Austin
Kin's Din (Lauren and Kara should understand)
downtown festivals
the culture

Oh dang, now I'm sad. Today we took Duma to Auditorium Shores today to soak it up. Here are some pics of today's great adventures.


  1. Boo that you won't be in Austin anymore and we won't be able to have our Hills nights! But YAY that you and Cody are following the Lord!

  2. Kin's Din! Ohmigosh we should've gone there when I was visiting. How did I not think of that. Happy Birthday pretty lady.

  3. Duma is looking mighty fine in that bandana!

  4. It is sad to move...but it is also not as hard as I thought it would be. I love being in Houston now and couldn't imagine being anywhere else. I bet the same thing happens for y'all, too. Where will you live when you first move?

  5. Yea- I am glad you are a blogger now! Watch out for Jana, she is the ultimate blog police. She will harrass you if you go weeks without a post!